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The Skull Charger – get into the spirit for the month of Halloween

Skull Charger

Do you love Halloween more than Thanksgiving and Christmas combined? Every year we hit October and the Halloween decorations begin. We basically have to start the fun at the beginning of the month since as soon as Halloween is over it’s Christmas time since no one cares about Thanksgiving unless they’re eating turkey. People start putting up Christmas lights and keep them there well into the winter for aesthetics, but why fight it when you can join in with your own fun?

If you secretly enjoy holiday lights but want it in a spoopy theme, then this Skull Charger will be a must-have. This is a 46” long charging cable that is riddled with red skulls that light up while your phone is powering up. It is a lightning connector, so it will only work with iPhone 5+, iPad 4+, iPod Touch, etc. Basically, if you’re not a current Apple fan, you’re out of luck.

This has 8 LEDs in red skulls, which means it should keep lighting up for years to come so long as you don’t needlessly leave this plugged in at all hours of the day. This is only going to cost you $14.99, and will let anyone near you know that you have holiday spirit. Whether or not they pay attention to the fact that it’s for Halloween or not will be based on how far into your personal space bubble they’re willing to tread.

Available for purchase on ThinkGeek