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Skiva PowerFlow Octofire USB Charger ‘dances’ with 8 devices simultaneously

skivaWhile we have seen some pretty impressive USB chargers in the past, including the XE4400 USB Battery and Wall Charger, none of them have the ability to juice up a fair number of devices simultaneously – and I am talking about more than five devices here. Sure, you can always daisy chain some USB hubs to your computer’s USB port, but chances are pretty high that those ports will be unable to deliver sufficient power to juice up whatever power hungry devices which you own that can be charged via USB. might have a unique solution that also looks good on any desk – the Skiva PowerFlow Octofire USB Charger.

In fact, the Skiva PowerFlow Octofire USB Charger holds the distinction of being the first-ever USB charger that comes equipped with eight ports, letting you charge up multiple devices all at the same time. This is touted to be a universal power solution for those who happen to deal with device overload in their lives. Considering how other multi-gadget chargers in the market tend to have up to 4 ports at most, which may only do one amp per port that is not optimal charging capacity, the Skiva PowerFlow Octofire USB Charger blows the mind away, offering double the number of ports and power.

In fact, the Octofire has a power capacity that lets it charge up 8 USB devices at the same time, with each at up to 2.1A/5V power. Not only that, it has Smart Device Detection capability, enabling it to intelligently detect the device while providing the required charging, ensuring that enough power is sent to multiple devices at optimal current simultaneously. In terms of safety, fret not as the Octofire sports an AC/DC adapter that is UL, CE, FCC, and RoHS Certified, ensuring it remains protected against overcharging, overheating, and over-voltage. The asking price? A relatively reasonable $79.99.

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