Skataz motorized skates

It seems like I have written on a lot of motorized skateboards and skates, and I suppose I might as well add to the mix with the Skataz.
Anyone know how to pronounce this? Is it just like “skates”, “ska-tazz” or “skate-azz”. I believe there is a video below that has the answer.
Anyway, it is powered by a 350 watt motor, which is good for about 13.5 miles per hour. The user controls the speed with a wired remote.
The thing about Skataz is that it is not an electric skate, but it is a culture. Skataz is trying to sell their skates, and they are also looking for investors for creating skate parks for the Skataz. I guess that would be Skataz parks.
I’m sort of wondering if we are looking at a future where all skateboards, skates, and any other wheels that go on the feet will all be motorized. Isn’t that going to be a strange time? I wonder if there will be diehards that will insist on going around without any motors.
Yes, the future is looking bright for Skataz, especially when it looks very easy to learn with the two wheels in front, so it is easier to balance.