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The Skarp Laser Razor changes…everything

Skarp Laser Razor

For those of us that deal with shaving, which is most of the adults of the world, how many times have you been cut while removing unwanted hair? Not only that, but how many have dealt with skin irritation from shaving? Shaving with metal razors in the bath or shower is great and all, but the smoothness lasts almost no time at all, and the razors can’t really be recycled too easily. Since it’s so much hassle, why not just laser it all off?

Of course, laser treatments for hair removal are very expensive, which is why the Skarp Laser Razor is such a wonderful idea. This uses a small laser which can cut through hair without damaging your skin whatsoever. While you can use it in the shower with water, it doesn’t need it, which will help you cut down on your water consumption (for those in drought areas)!

Made of 6061 aluminum, this laserĀ will cut through hair with a very particular wavelength of light that will only affect the chromophores in your hair. These chromophores are particles that absorb certain wavelengths of light, and the type of chromophore the laser targets is present in every single human hair regardless of race, age, or gender. The laser will last for 50,000 hours, but uses a single AAA battery to work, which will last you about a month if you use it normally. One of these will cost you $189, and will seriously cut down on your costs for shaving cream and razors, as you won’t need them anymore.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter

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