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Skamper Ramp offers safe way out of a pool

Do you happen to have a pool in your backyard? Couple that with a water loving dog and chances are you will have a ball of a time. Well, our four legged friends might find it easy to jump into the pool without a problem, but when it comes to getting out, they will definitely need some assistance if they aren’t strong enough to haul themselves out using their front two paws. The Skamper Ramp is a snap to install, where it is made out of high-tech corrugated plastic which is attached to the side of a pool, walled pond, dock or boat. All relevant deck hardware is also included, where you can choose from the Skamper-Ramp (13″ x 25″, for dogs up to 45 lbs.) and Super Skamper-Ramp (13″ x 41″, for dogs up to 200 lbs.) which will retail for $69.95 and $99.95, respectively.

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1 thought on “Skamper Ramp offers safe way out of a pool”

  1. I wish we had one of these on our pool. One night our cat fell into the pool and nobody was around to help her out. Next morning we found she had drowned. It was heart breaking, I’ll always wonder how long she swam around looking for a way out.

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