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The BackJoy SitSmart provides posture support


While we know how we’re supposed to sit and stand to maintain good posture, it’s a bit harder to execute all the time in our everyday lives. We hover over our phones and laptops with tense shoulders and hardly ever put¬†our legs and arms at optimal angles. This in turn puts our back out of sorts, leaving our whole body feeling tired and aching even though all we do for most of the day is sit.

If you want to start improving your posture, then making it so your body has no choice would be an effective maneuver. While this will only affect one aspect of your sitting form, the SitSmart could be a useful tool in improving your habits. This is a concave cushion for your hind-end that will make sure you’re sitting how you should, rather than however your body lands in a seat.

This comes in 9 different colors, and can support up to 300 pounds. The synthetic material it’s made of has a waterproof aspect to it, so those that sweat a bit more than others won’t need to worry about their overactive glands destroying it. This is a $39.99 purchase that should help out your lower back and spine. Since it will force your core muscles to activate a bit more too, you can always look at it as a workout tool as well! If you need more help than this, there are always smartphone accessories that will buzz you to sit up¬†straighter.

Available for purchase on Amazon