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SitPack Compact Seat provides some seated relief wherever you are

sitpackWhile there are many different kinds of chairs out there in the market that intend to help provide you with a better seating posture not to mention relief of pressure from your back, how many of these chairs are portable enough to be carried with you wherever you go? The £49.99 SitPack Compact Seat takes on a very, very different role in your everyday life, as it has been touted to be the world’s smallest, most compact resting device you will ever bring with you — not at least until the field of nanotechnology makes huge leaps and bounds, of course.

The SitPack Compact Seat will be able to fit in easily in your bag or (large) pocket, and using it is a snap. All that you need to do is to pop, drop and lock it to make use of it, allowing you to grab some rest whenever and wherever you desire. Not only sit back, but SitPack and relax — get it? The benefits of using SitPack include optimized breathing and circulation, being able to maintain the bones and joints in the correct alignment, helps reduce or prevent the abnormal wearing of joint surfaces that could result in degenerative diseases, such as arthritis, among others. It is capable of supporting up to 130 kg and is made from a bullet-proof material.

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