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“Sit Up Straight” Says Technology

lumo_lift_PCDid any reader out there NOT ever hear their mom, dad or grandparent say “sit up straight, put your shoulders back”? I thought so. My mom’s voice still rings through my mind when I find myself slouched at my desk (“sit up like a lovely lady”). Funny enough, just writing that sentence made me sit up straight! Palo Alto based LumoBodyTech, inventors of the 2013, Kickstarter-backed Lumo Back, want to help us live out that parental request. Their good-posture-for-all quest continue with the Lumo Lift.

lumo_liftLumo Lift is a small (1.52cm x 1.52cm x .254 cm), magnetic tracker worn on the shoulder or chest. When used in conjunction with an iOS device or Windows PC, Lumo Lift will alert you and track when you slouch, roll your shoulders forward or hunch…all those things our elders scolded us for. Activate a Coaching session, it will gently vibrate when sensing your posture is slacking. Or set up your own Posture Alert and after sitting with poor posture for a time you specify, the device will give a gentle reminder. Otherwise it will simply track your posture through the day. It is not just all about posture too. As with the Lumo Back, its younger sibling will also track your daily steps and calories burned. And of course on the app you can always see summaries of your “performance” and compare to your history. One thing, in addition to posture monitoring, that sets Lumo Lift apart in the market of fitness tracking is their instantaneous suggestions to help you permanently improve your daily steps, calories burned and of course posture.

Lumo Lift is available at for $99.99. Included is the white sensor, 2 clasps (brushed aluminum, black) for variety, a strap clasp (i.e. bra attachment), and the USB charging dock. It is compatible with iPhone 4 or later, iPod Touch gen 5 or later, iPad gen 3 or later, iPad Mini, PC with Windows 7 or later with a Windows dongle. Android devices are in the works too. So use technology to give in to your elders wishes, sit up straight, improve posture, enhance your confidence and feel better with Lumo Lift.