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The SipCaddy makes your bath time even more relaxing


What do you think about when you’re taking a bath? It’s said that we often do our best thinking in the shower, but a bath is a completely different story. We use that time to relax, and soak away the aches and pains of daily life. Most of the time it’s just unwinding, and taking a moment to realize that you don’t have to work every second of every day, but sometimes it’s hard to make yourself relax.

If you need a little help calming down, having a glass of wine might help with that. It’s said that a glass of red wine with dinner is supposed to help your heart, so there’s no problem with having one more at bath time, right? Of course, you have the problem of where you’re going to put the glass so it’s still within reach, but without the possibility of falling into the water. This SipCaddy can help you with this, as it is a suction cup holder that can keep your beer and wine in place without the chance of you knocking it over.

While this is primarily a cup holder, it is also equipped to hold wine glasses, cans, plastic bottles, solo cups, and coffee mugs that aren’t too heavy. It can hold up to 7 pounds if it’s suction-cupped to a nonporous surface correctly. Made of ABS plastic, this comes in blue, clear, pink, black, purple, and red. It’ll only cost you $13.95, but it’s mandatory that you stick it to the wall correctly, or you could be taking a wine bath, or be in a shower with broken glass.

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