Sip N Spoon Set

We saw the Spork in the past, which is the merging of a spoon and a fork to help you save on cutlery, but how about the Sip N Spoon set? The name itself gives the game away, and while it won’t sound as cool as Spork, it will still boast a dual function. Usually, when you have some delicious watery soup that you just love to gobble down, you would have to scoop it up with a spoon, and bring the spoon to your mouth. No longer with this $6.99 purchase – all you need to do is bring your mouth to the end of the spoon and suck it up – the physics of a straw will come into action, and you will get more soup into your mouth faster than the traditional method. How about that for gastronomic innovation?
The Sip N Spoon is available from Perpetual kid for $6.99 a set.

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