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Sink And Urinal In One

At first I wasn’t the most thrilled over the idea of someone peeing and washing your hands in the same place.  Honestly, once you really think it through although it is odd, it would save on space and spending money on multiple fixtures in bathrooms.  Plus, it couldn’t be much more unsanitary than washing your hands right next to the toilet, which is the case in most bathrooms.

On the bottom of it all is a urinal then up top is the sink.  The water that you use to wash your hands is used to wash out the urinal.  With that extra design quality it’ll help to save on water, which could really cut down on the bill for any large establishment like a restaurant.  This was a iF Concept Design winning entry and for good reason.  It was designed by Yeongwoo Kim.

Source: Treehugger

1 thought on “Sink And Urinal In One”

  1. Not a bad idea! The concept makes sense and it sure beats washing your hands in the urinal after taking a leak! 😀

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