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Sink Twice helps you conserve water by using the toilet

Sink Twice

Every time you use the bathroom, you should be washing your hands to make sure no bacteria or germs are following you around the house. This quick little hand washing time does add on to your water bill, and if you’re living in an area where water is scarce, then you might think it best to just use hand sanitizer. If you could avoid turning on the sink, wash your hands with soap and not use any extra water after using the bathroom, would you be more inclined to do so?

If that sounds like a situation you’d like to have for yourself, then you’ll need to get the Sink Twice. This is a toilet lid that hooks up to the valve in the toilet that puts clean water in the bowl. Yes, you will have to install it, but it shouldn’t take more than five minutes to do and the pros will far outweigh the cons.

Once installed, this ABS plastic lid will have clean water come out of the sink spout for you to wash your hands with and a raised platform for you to put soap on the other side. After you wash your hands, the soapy water will go into the toilet bowl, helping you cut down on water usage, clean the toilet, and get squeaky clean hands all in one. This will cost you $99, and for those who are looking to cut corners, this would be an item that would pay for itself over the years.

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