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Singtrix reveals Family Bundle patented karaoke system

singtrixSingtrix would like to make sure that the karaoke bug can travel with you just about wherever you go — and even make you sound better than you already do, now how about that? This will be achieved through the patented karaoke system known as the Family Bundle. Specially designed to make bad singers actually sound good, while good singers might just get blown out of their minds with the kind of voice that they hear, the Singtrix Family Bundle is a portable, tabletop version that is easier on your pockets as well.

As high-end karaoke systems tend to be a whole lot more expensive than what the average Joe is able to afford, while arriving with complicated interfaces, not to mention requiring you to fork out even more money to pick up expensive music content and leaving all and sundry to listen to your lack of vocal capability, the highly-anticipated Singtrix Family Bundle will ensure that it combats all of the points mentioned. This is made possible through the incorporation of studio quality effects of the flagship Singtrix Party Bundle Premium Edition.

For starters, the spanking new Family Bundle model by Singtrix will boast of a custom mic that features the “HIT” effect control. This unique effect control supercharges performances by transforming user’s voices into a four-part vocal harmony and choir. The mic will also be accompanied by a compact and portable stereo speaker system which sports a built-in dock for the Studio Effects console. The Studio Effects console is said to be the heart and soul of the Singtrix system.

Other portable features of this notable machine include built-in handles, power supply and cables, alongside its simple plug and play. Out this summer for $249.99 a pop, the Singtrix Family Bundle is certainly a welcome addition to any home.

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