Single Handle LED Glass Sink Faucet

LED lights seem to show up in the strangest places, including the faucet for your sink.  This one changes how water pours into the sink.  Instead of your average type of faucet, this pours through a very flat looking piece of glass.  Making washing your hands a miniature light show every single time.  Don’t worry, despite that this sink is quite a bit different from the normal faucet, it isn’t too outrageously priced.

The faucet is said to have an extremely easy installation process, even for those that have no experience installing faucets.  Although these faucets feature LED lights, it doesn’t appear that these change colors at all.  The faucets have proven to never leak thanks to its durable ceramic valves.  You can purchase this Single Handle LED Glass Sink Faucet for $65 a piece from Shop Kami.

Source: ChipChick

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