Simpli Press is a French Press, but better


When you love coffee to the point that you’re having it every morning, you start experimenting with different methods of making it. We’ve looked at cold brew, drip coffee, espresso makers, and presses, but they all have their own problems to deal with. For those of us that love the French press, the biggest issue is having to clean out the grounds.

We don’t really want to deal with the grounds after making a few cups since they’re in hot water, so we let it sit and sit until we feel like dealing with it. This normally means a day or more of waiting. The Simpli Press is hoping to change that, by making it easy to get almost all of the grounds out in one swoop. Not only will the cleanup be a lot easier, but due to its filter you can use course to fine grounds without having any of them end up in your mouth.

Made of stainless steel, silicone, and glass, this is sure to be free of chemicals, and can wash up in the dishwasher. This is said to brew in half the time and provide a stronger, more caffeinated, and smooth coffee than other presses out there. Should you want your coffee extra clean, you can even put a paper filter in to sift out any escapees. If all of these factors hold true, then its $69 price tag will be well worth the money spent.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter