Silverlit VBeat Air Guitar


So you’ve always wanted to play an electric guitar just like Slash, but the closest you’ve come to his standard is by strumming an air guitar while rocking to his CD/MP3. Here’s the Silverlit V Beat Guitar to fulfill your dreams.

This motion-sensing electronic guitar simulator is perfect for wannabe guitar heroes who’ve graduated beyond air-guitar and tennis rackets, but haven’t quite got to grips with the real thing yet! Pre-programmed rhythms and an instructive guided learning feature will ensure great sounds in no time at all. So, raise your fist in the air and rock out with the V Beat Guitar for super shredding solos and raucous rhythms!

Features include a trio of play modes, free style playing and even pre-programmed rhythms. The Silverlit VBeat Guitar retails for £29.99 each.

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