Silverlit I/R Spy Camera Helicopter

Are you a good pilot? If you want to hone your skills as one, then you would definitely need to obtain a license, but prior to that, attend lessons and be proficient at it. Of course, there are others among us who fly helicopters without a license – simply because we’re using remote controlled helicopters that are “commanded” using I/R (infrared) beams from a controller some distance away.
What’s so special about the £69.99 Silverlit I/R Spy Camera Helicopter, you ask? Well, this chopper will let you have an eagle’s eye view of the proceedings below, thanks to a 1.3-megapixel camera that has been integrated into the lightweight body. All you need to do is launch the chopper and watch it’s camera get to work right away the moment you press the corresponding button on the remote controller. The Silverlit I/R Spy Camera Helicopter will come with a bunch of internal gyroscopes to ensure it remains incredibly stable in the air, so that your amateur attempts at being a papparrazzi will be decent at the very least.
With 128MB of internal memory, it ought to have enough storage space to capture footage of your choice, although we do wish it came with a memory card slot for expansion purposes. Seems like a nice way to spy on your neighbors…

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