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Silk Innovation Base Grip Case revealed for the Samsung Galaxy S8

bgs8So, you have more or less figured out that you would like to part with your hard earned money for the recently announced Samsung Galaxy S8 or the Samsung Galaxy S8+? Of course, obtaining a new smartphone is always a great feeling — it not only offers you an experience that makes it easier to work out the schedule of your day while offering a fantastic camera module, it also makes sure you are rocking to the latest version of the Android mobile operating system. It would make perfect sense to ensure that your spanking new Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are protected with a case. This is where Silk Innovation comes in, having announced the Base Grip Case that will cater for both handsets.

The brand new Base Grip Case has been released — even before in many other countries that have yet to offer the Samsung Galaxy 8 and Galaxy 8+ smartphones themselves. With Silk’s Base Grip Case, you need not worry about obtaining scratches or seeing a dent being made in both handsets, all the while without sacrificing the natural design beauty of the two mentioned flagship smartphones. It is not only slim, but it is also affordable while offering the ultimate in grip in order to protect your device from drops, dings, and scratches.

The Base Grip case boasts of a patent pending grip design alongside high-grip textured edges that will ensure the phone remains securely in your hand — regardless of whether it is in wet or dry conditions. Being able to slide easily into your pocket, where the air cushioned corners offers shock absorption, while the Lay-flat Screen Guard protects your screen from drops and scratches. The volume and power buttons continue to be accessible even when covered with carefully-designed Natural Throw buttons. All of the ports will continue to remain easily accessible with wide openings, enabling just about any accessory or adapter to fit comfortably.

Best of all is, you need not have to break the bank for the Base Grip as it arrives in Black Onyx or Blue Jade shades for a mere $11.99 a pop.

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