The Silicone Wine Glass can prevent party fouls

Silicone Wine Glasses

The Thanksgiving holiday is almost upon us, and we have to make sure everything is clean and ready for our relatives to arrive. There needs to be plenty of food, spirits, and sitting space for everyone to be comfortable, as these times together can be a bit tense. You can’t choose your family, and they’re not always the people you get along with the best. There’s always going to be that one family member who takes 4 or 5 full follow-ups to that glass of wine with dinner.

If they’re a bit hap-hazard with movement after consuming a little too much holiday cheer, then you’ve probably dealt with a broken glass or two. No one wants to see their fancy dishes destroyed, so it might be a good idea to keep Silicone Wine Glasses around for when the situation starts looking a bit dicey. These squishy, food-grade cups are quite difficult to break, so even if someone starts being a bit careless, the glass can survive.

Of course, drunken relatives aren’t the only instance in which these would be useful. These would be perfect for going on a camping trip or to the beach without wanting to break or permanently damage your dishware. You’ll be looking at spending around $30 for two of these 11 ounces cups.The squishy nature of these cups means you’ll need to be careful not to grip them too tightly when they’re full. That being said, maybe it’s better not to fill them up that far in the first place.

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