Silicone to Save the Chef’s Day

I just learned some quick facts about silicone. It withstands heat of up to 500°. It is virtually resistant to oxygen, ozone and UV light. It can be created to conduct electricity. Microbes cannot grow on silicone. Thanks Wikipedia. After understanding factoids like that I get why silicone has become a go-to product for kitchen tools. We found a few on that make all the sense in the world.

One of the ongoing debates about plastic bags and plastic food containers is the toxicity of them when heated and their effectiveness as food cooking devices. Knowing what I now know about silicone I say every pro and amateur chef should invest in one or more Silicone Cooking Bags. Available for $19.98, these eco-friendly containers hold about 4.5 cups of liquid or food. The sliding lock gives you a leakproof seal. Then pop it in the microwave, hot water or freezer. It can handle both extremes. And once you are done drop it in the dishwasher for easy cleanup.  Another silicone savior is the $24.98 roasting laurel. If you have ever cooked a turkey you know that quest of getting air underneath it. Roasting pans work, otherwise you have to build that pile of vegetables to create some space. Or if you try to bake stuffed vegetables and keep them upright in the process you probably have a need for this device. And obviously it is easy to store and can be put in the dishwasher. I say, yeah for silicone!