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SilentPocket Privacy Stickers keep webcams safe from prying eyes

Webcam Sticker Cover

When we’re at home, we have a sense of safety and security, despite the fact that most of our homes could easily be broken into by a tenacious ne’er-do-well. The same is true of the webcams on your computer or laptop, as it’s really not tough for them to be hacked and record you at random. If you haven’t heard, even Zuckerburg covers his webcam, as was discovered in a photo he posted.

 While your average Joe likely isn’t going to get hacked so random people can watch you undress or hear some big company secrets you don’t have, some of us are a tad paranoid. That’s a perfectly acceptable thing to be so long as it’s not hampering your life. These SilentPocket Privacy Stickers will help to make sure your webcam is in the dark whenever you aren’t using it.

These are not normal stickers in that they are removable and reusable, coming in a pack of 14 stickers with varying sizes so all of your devices will be covered (literally). This means you can take care of your laptop, tablet, smartphone, computer, smart TV, Xbox One, PS4, Amazon Kindle, and more. This is a $9.95 purchase that would likely be paired with covering the microphones on your devices to be extra careful. Again, not something most people would need to worry about, but you can never be too cautious.

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