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Silent Space Heater

silent-space-heaterIn the bitter cold of winter, there are a myriad of ways to keep warm, and most of us choose to rely on a heater which is electronically powered. Well, it sure is more convenient compared to wearing layers of thick clothes indoors, eh? The Silent Space Heater keeps you and your household warm and fast with minimal noise to boot!

This is the electric space heater that employs micathermic technology to quickly heat a chilly room without a noisy fan. This efficient heating system combines convection and radiant heating, enabling it to reach its maximum temperature faster than oil-filled radiators. Unlike boxy electric heaters, this model’s large, flat panel doesn’t have glowing electrical coils, and because there’s no fan to stir up the air, it’s ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers. The unit has 750- or 1500-watt outputs with an adjustable thermostat, plus a frost-prevention setting for otherwise unheated rooms. An internal switch cuts power instantly if the unit is tipped over. Just 2″ thick, the lightweight heater rolls on its wheeled base or mounts to a wall using the included hardware. Heats a 144′ sq. area.

Just in case you had a rather bitter and cold Christmas, why not cheer yourself up for the new year with the Silent Space Heater for $99.95?