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Silent Circle launches Blackphone 2

blackphone2In this modern day and age, data security happens to be one particular aspect that we tend to look at and no longer pooh-pooh as though it was inconsequential. After all, do you know how many data breaches have happened just because we take things for granted, or perhaps even using an extremely weak password like “password”? Well, for paranoid androids out there as well as others who would want to be prepared at all times, Silent Circle has just the smartphone for you – and I am referring to the Blackphone 2, where it is the first component of the company’s Enterprise Privacy Platform (EPP).

This next-generation smartphone will be able to to deliver the best in class privacy and security, all without compromising on the powerful functionality and seamless usability of today’s most cutting-edge smartphones. EPP happens to be a unique, cloud-based combination of software, services and devices which will hook up to existing Internet connections, and yet deliver the level of privacy required at every level of business.

With the Blackphone 2, one will be able to enjoy full device encryption by default thanks to the company’s operating system (Silent OS) working alongside Google Android technology. Silent OS will ensure the Blackphone 2 comes with a unique, in-built Security Center that would allow the user to easily manage their privacy and security settings in one place. The user is capable of controlling and fine-tuning the individual app permissions, in addition to those of data the apps have access to, all the while making sure that they do not have to compromise on the device’s cutting edge smartphone functionality.

Heck, spy fans will also appreciate the fact that the Blackphone 2 comes with a remote wipe setting should the phone be lost or stolen. Pretty covert stuff, eh? This is not the first secure phone to hit the market, and we do not think that it will be the last, either.

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