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Silent Alarm Clock

As we seem to get so many clocks here at CG we’ve now added a “Cool Clocks” section to the site and the first post to go in there looks nothing like a clock. The Light Sleeper is an alarm clock with a difference as it wakes you up with light not sound. So no more ear piecing beeps first thing in the morning.

The light used to wake you from your slumber is actually built in to the bed linen, so your pillow and quilt will start to glow brighter and brighter when it’s time to get up. This is meant to be a much nicer way to be awoken and is also said to benefit suffers from S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder).

I must admit after a heavy night on the town I’m not sure if I’d prefer to be blinded or deafened in the morning but it’s a cool product non the less and a worthy addition to our cool clocks section.

[ via Yanko Design]

1 thought on “Silent Alarm Clock”

  1. Why the heck i would want to wake up blind?! I agree with Texas62 that alarm clock is way cooler and a lot safer.

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