Silence Alarm Clock wakes you with a shake, not a buzz

In the past, I have covered scented alarm clocks that require no sound to wake people up, and I was very enamored by this sleek looking concept design that has a similar wake-up method.

As you can see, this Silence alarm clock comes with matching bracelets. Each one has a vibration maker, so that when it goes off, you don’t hear it, but you feel it. Apparently, this is enough to jar you awake.

The bracelets also have motion sensors. What you do is shake the bracelet to stop the buzz, and that acts like a snooze bar. If you want to keep “hitting” the snooze bar, then you really have to shake harder.

In short, if you want to stay asleep, you are going to have to fight for it. Not only that, but all of this is done without any blaring alarm. That is just one thing I like about it.

Another thing I like about this alarm is the design. You got to appreciate the simplicity of the clock, as well as the big numbers.

Of course, there is one flaw in this. Have you ever been late to work because you forgot to set your alarm? Your boss might believe that, but try saying “Sorry I’m late, I forgot to put on my Silence Bracelet”.


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