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Sign of the Technological Times: Funerals Online

Watch the video here to the left and you will see a sign of the times. This is the pitch video for Funeral Resources, a service that allows you to broadcast the funeral of your loved one online.

I suppose we are getting to the point where we need a service like this, as Chris Hill, the man in the video, says: “there are many valid reasons why one would miss a funeral, such as travel costs and illness”. It would have been better if he would have just said those reasons, and not have the unnecessary captions repeating in text exactly what he is saying. I swear, it’s like watching Larry King Live.

You will notice how Chris talks about how “there are some people that you just don’t want to have there at the funeral”. You want to know what’s sick? He’s right. However, I think it would be cold comfort to give that questionable relative or friend a password so they could watch the funeral online.

Apparently, if you don’t watch the funeral live (yes, I realize that is an oxymoron), then the online footage will be available for 90 days afterward. Granted, I don’t know who would want to watch a funeral after 10 days, but the option is there.

I suppose that some would say that an online funeral is a complete lack of decorum, but let’s face it, many of us have watched a televised funeral like Princess Di or Michael Jackson. I suppose an online funeral is no different.