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Sidewinding Circular Skates offers a different take on what a skateboard looks like

sidewinding-circular-skatesJust when you thought that there is no way to reinvent the proverbial wheel, along comes this particular idea that is very different, and yet offers a better performance than the original. Take the skateboard for instance – it has been the mode of transport of choice for Bart Simpson as well as countless generations of teens to get around, so is there a way where it can be even better than it already is? Enter the $99.95 Sidewinding Circular Skates, which has been touted to be the post modern skateboard.

The Sidewinding Circular Skates happens to be annular skates which are propelled by leaning side to side, where it allows you to skateboard without requiring to push yourself off the ground. All that riders would need to do would be to place their feet on the two platforms and lean side-to-side in order to rotate the rubber wheels around the feet, which will then propel riders forward in a serpentine motion that is familiar to folks who have indulged in longboard skateboarding before. Taking into consideration how the wheels are not connected, one is able to perform 720° spins and turn on in a jiffy, and stopping is as easy as placing one’s toes on the ground.