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Shuttle delivers first Broadwell-based fanless PC

shuttle-dS57uWhen it comes to computers that are really small, and yet are more than capable of packing in quite a punch, then you can be sure that the name Shuttle will roll off the tongues of many a person. This time around, Shuttle has gotten around to roll out a new member to the product family, where it will be known as the Shuttle DS57U. This happens to be the company’s maiden attempt at rolling out a barebone PC that will carry a built-in Broadwell processor underneath the hood.

The Shuttle DS57U intends to continue from where the DS47 and DS437 models left off, where it will be part of the 1 liter PC class. The Shuttle DS57U will arrive right out of the box in the form of a barebone PC and will feature the case, motherboard, cooling system and power supply unit as its core components as standard, no more, no less. Right at it’s heart would be a pre-installed Intel Celeron 3205U dual-core processor (2x 1.5 GHz), where the 14-nm architecture and power consumption of less than 15 W promise low energy costs together with improved performance.

It goes without saying that a totally fanless machine would be quiet – whisper quiet, except for the sound of the fans that arrive with the processor and graphics cards themselves. With less moving parts around, logic dictates that this will also be close to being maintenance-free, which makes it yet another plus point for those who wish to enjoy a hassle-free computing experience – as much as possible, anyway. Passive cooling also does its part to ensure that there is no dust to worry about, since you won’t find dust being sucked into the machine.

You can remove the covers of the steel case simply by removing a couple of screws, where you will then find space for a single 2.5″ hard drive or SSD drive and a pair of SO-DIMM sockets with a capacity for up to 16 GB of DDR3L memory comes to light. One Mini-PCI Express slot (full-size) is also available for additional expansions, such as an mSATA module. There is also a second Mini-PCI Express slot (half-size) comes already fitted with a WLAN module.

The entire shebang measures a tiny 20cm x 3.95cm x 16.5 cm, and the Shuttle DS57U also carries the distinction of being the first Shuttle barebone that sports a couple of Intel Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. Other connectivity options include a pair of USB 3.0 ports, a single DisplayPort, a single HDMI and audio ports. It ought to retail for 192 Euros a pop.

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