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Shower Tunes plays your music in the tub

There are a lot of places where people like to listen to music. In the living room, in the car, at your desk, and of course, in the shower. Most of those places are easy to get music to, as there is usually a stereo or computer nearby. If there isn’t, you can always pop on some headphones and plug in your smartphone. Unfortunately, the shower isn’t somewhere that you want to stick an electronic device. However, what if there was a way to safely use your phone or tablet while in the shower?

The Shower Tunes shower curtain is one way to transport the music you love to one of your favorite places to sing. Essentially, what you have is a shower curtain with a plastic pouch for your device. You’ll slide in your phone, tablet, or mp3 player into the pocket from the outside, and then hook up the audio cable. Hit play, zip it up, and you’re ready to rock out. Rather than playing the music through your device’s built-in speakers, it will come out of two speakers attached to the curtain. There is one at the top left, and top right corner of the curtain. As for controlling the music, the pouch is touchscreen-friendly, so you can make sure that you’re listening to exactly what you want.

This might not be the most high tech way to listen to music in your shower, it’s still pretty convenient. It will work with any device that has an audio jack, and keeps it free from moisture. The biggest annoyance will be feeding it the three required AA batteries. If this sounds like what your bathroom needs, you can pick one up for $50.