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Shower Foot Scrubber – practical comfort in style

shower-foot-scubberAfter a particularly long and stressful day at work, it is always a lovely feeling to sink into a tub of hot water, and even better yet if it is a jacuzzi that we are talking about here, as the jets of bubbly water hit your back and massage your body to soothe the day’s stress away. Of course, many of us do take good care of our bodies when it comes to grooming, but the feet tend to be neglected more often than not. How about picking up the $39.95 Shower Foot Scrubber and give your two feet some much needed love instead?

The Shower Foot Scrubber will be able to deliver a spa-style foot treatment in your shower without endangering your safety in the bathroom, since there is no need to bend or to perform a precarious balancing act on a single foot. The scrubber’s suction-cup lined bottom will be able to fix itself securely to a shower stall floor, or you can also have it remain stuck to the side of a bathtub, as it sport upward-facing polypropylene bristles that will mold to the contours of your foot. Each time you wipe your foot back and forth across the brush’s surface, the stiff outer bristles will function like a loofah in order to remove rough or dry skin, while the soft inner bristles gently massage tender spots, and it gets to those tough spots between the toes as wel. There is an integrated stingray-shaped polyolefin plastic pad which allows you to securely plant one foot on a wing while you scrub the other.

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