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Show the world what mood you are in


These days it is so hard to predict the mood of somebody, even if it is someone who you have know for sometime, you never really know what is going on inside. However there is a neat little product that will tell everyone in the world what mood somebody is in, just imagine all the hassle that something like would prevent, silly arguments and moods would be a thing of the past, how blissful.

Emoticons have become a way of life for everyone who use email and messenger services, so why not use them in every day situations, everyone could see that you are in a bad mood so naturally wishing to avoid an argument or something, they would all leave you alone, until the time is right the change you emoticon to a more user friendly sign, and therefore everyone can approach you again.

The emoticon necklace from Fractalspin has virtually all of the emoticons that use three or four characters, these are punched onto solid gold discs and finished with sapphires, and each has a safety clasp and comes with an eighteen inch chain. There are fourteen different emoticons which should you wish to purchase the whole set, may cost a fair amount as each one is priced at $275. I might stick the “post it” note on my forehead!!

Source [Red Ferret]