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Get better shots with the Portable Photo Studio


There have been other versions of this type thing before, specifically one from Hammacher and Schlemmer.  However, you’re likely to appreciate this version a bit better if for no other reason than it is $30 cheaper.  Cheaper is always a major bonus.  Especially if you’re picking this up to get better photographs on items you’re attempting to sell.  The less you spend on supplies, the more profit you’ll make on your products.  This tiny studio collapses for easy storage, so when you don’t need it, it’s easily tucked out of sight.

The set includes the photo lightbox, two 35 watt photo lights, a 6 to 7 inch mini-tripod and then a zippered nylon carrier to store it all within.  The camera in the picture is of course not included with the set.  You’ll tragically have to find your own camera to use with it.  The miniature studio will keep your pictures from being blurry, diffuses lighting, creates a clean background and reduces harsh shadows that would normally be created.  The entire set will cost you $49.99 from Think Geek.

Source: BookofJoe