Shotgunator – Drink Beer Fast

Shotgunator - shotgun beer
Any gadget that aids in the drinking of beer has got to be good in my book, so when the Shotgunator turned up in the post I was keen to give it a try.

The shotgunator is touted as a safe way of making holes in beer cans enabling you to empty their contents into your gullet at speed. It’s also known as shotgunning beer (not a term I’d heard before in the UK). So my Friday night was spent shotgunning Carling (video to follow).

The shotgunator does as advertised and makes a perfectly safe hole in a full can of beer (don’t test on empties as they just dent). I can normally get volunteers (cheers beer belly Russ) to make fools of the selves with gadget testing but my persuasion powers left me Friday and I had to practice what I preach, so here’s the video.

I’ll admit it works and it may be because I’m lacking the practise but I did find that my clothes and the floor drank more beer than I did, though by the end of the night I’d still drank way too much (for a change).

You can get your own shotgunator from the official Shotgunator site.

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