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Shotgunator – Drink Beer Fast

Shotgunator - shotgun beer
Any gadget that aids in the drinking of beer has got to be good in my book, so when the Shotgunator turned up in the post I was keen to give it a try.

The shotgunator is touted as a safe way of making holes in beer cans enabling you to empty their contents into your gullet at speed. It’s also known as shotgunning beer (not a term I’d heard before in the UK). So my Friday night was spent shotgunning Carling (video to follow).

The shotgunator does as advertised and makes a perfectly safe hole in a full can of beer (don’t test on empties as they just dent). I can normally get volunteers (cheers beer belly Russ) to make fools of the selves with gadget testing but my persuasion powers left me Friday and I had to practice what I preach, so here’s the video.

I’ll admit it works and it may be because I’m lacking the practise but I did find that my clothes and the floor drank more beer than I did, though by the end of the night I’d still drank way too much (for a change).

You can get your own shotgunator from the official Shotgunator site.

5 thoughts on “Shotgunator – Drink Beer Fast”

  1. It’s been a while since I’ve been in college, but based on the video, I’m not sure you have the mechanics of the shotgunning down. You make the hole along the bottom base of the can, and place your finger over it to stop the slow flow. Then you place your mouth over the hole while you open the can on the top (with the conventionaly pop-top). The hole on the top eliminates the vacuum that would normally cause the beer to slowly “glug” out and instead it pours out quickly through your in the bottom down your throat.

  2. Thanks Rob, I’ll give that go. To say the instructions were sparce is putting very mildly.

    That was our 51st drinking gadget post Nishu, cool 🙂

  3. Thanks John, but does a can opener leave a nice clean non jagged hole. Must admit I wouldn’t buy a shotgunator though but if people choose to send me one 🙂

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