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ShopKeep Mobile POS announced, targets small businesses

shopkeep-griffinHave you heard of ShopKeep POS before? They happen to be the cloud-based point of sale platform which was specially designed by retailers for retailers, and you know when an initiative like that happens, it is more often than not a solution that works like a charm. After all, who else better to know the issues that retailers face than retailers themselves? Well, ShopKeep has just announced the ShopKeep Mobile, which happens to be a handheld point of sale device which will run on Griffin Olli hardware alongside the ShopKeep POS app.

Jason Richelson, Founder & CEO, ShopKeep POS, shared, “This is a complete handheld POS that is connected to the cloud. It’s everything you need to run your store – in your pocket. It also removes one of the worst parts of the retail experience for shoppers, which is waiting in line; and creates a more personal customer interaction by removing the counter as a barrier. This is groundbreaking technology that will bring the customer experience you get in the Apple store to small businesses everywhere.”

Specially designed for the iPod touch, ShopKeep Mobile will boast of an encrypted credit card swiper as well as a high speed laser barcode scanner that will be able to ring-up sales directly from the showroom floor. Stores that can use this range from clothing boutiques to specialty retailers, where it is capable of being a game changer, maximizing revenue per square footage simply by removing their counter as well as providing customers with a better shopping experience.

Apart from that, the ShopKeep Mobile will also be accompanied by a full range of reports, inventory management and QuickBooks integration via the BackOffice, customer database, emailed receipts, rapid item search, discount by $ or %, ability to turn tax on or off, ability to ring-up ad-hoc sales, printer support, unlimited customer care and an offline mode. Right now, ShopKeep Mobile remains in production beta.

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