Shoot this light out with the Bang!lamp

When it comes turning an appliance off from a distance, you could use some Universal remote, or even the Clapper. Or you could use this Bang! lamp.

The lamp can be turned off with a special gun-shaped remote. All you need to do is point it at the lamp and pull the trigger. Not only does this “kill the light”, but the lamp shade will do a tilt thing, like it was hit with a bullet.

Of course, you might not want to leave this lying around when someone who is pro-gun control comes around. Of course, it is a plain white gun, and I don’t know how many real plain white pistols are out there.

I’m also not certain if the gun makes a sound when you shoot the lamp. Do you really want to hear a real loud “bang” every time you turn the lamp off? Talk about putting one’s lights out.

Right now, the Bang! lamp is just a concept for now. However, it could easily evolve into other devices that you want to shoot to shut off. For example, a Bang! alarm clock that you have to bust a cap in when you wake up in the morning. What about the bang! HDTV that you can shoot every time you see something you don’t like, just like Elvis (supposedly). I would be shooting the TV every minute if I had one of those.


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