Shoot the clock first thing in the morning

We’ve seen our fair share of different and zany alarm clocks in the past, but here is something else that might interest you – an alarm clock which requires you to actually “shoot” it using the included gun remote. Yes sir, this £22.95 alarm clock allows you to literally shoot the time – whenever it rings, of course. How does it work? Well, the alarm clock itself is constructed from an amalgamation of metal and plastic, where the accompanying plastic toy gun will stop the car alarm noise whenever you point the toy gun at the taxi on the alarm clock.
The whole idea behind this? To make sure you are awake enough to be able to turn off an alarm clock, whereby in the process you won’t go back to sleep, of course. Would be nicer if you could replace the image of the car with a photo of your nemesis, no? This particular purchase might cost you a bit more than usual in the long run, especially when you need a trio of AA batteries for the alarm clock and a couple of AA batteries for the toy gun. I would highly recommend rechargeables to go along with this though.