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Shoka Bell is the best tool for city cycling


While riding a bike is far better for the environment, other vehicles on the road have drivers who wish cyclists¬†weren’t there. It’s dangerous to ride a bicycle as you need to be adequately seen and heard, and even then sometimes drivers are just out to see you hurt. There’s also the trouble of making sure that your bike doesn’t get stolen, you’re seen at night, and all sorts of other fun factors to worry about.

For those looking for another method to keep themselves safe, the Shoka Bell might impress you. This is a customizable bike bell, navigation system, front light, motion/thief alert, and has a 200 hour battery life. There’s a joystick that you can program a variety of sounds to so you don’t have to blast a bullhorn at every pedestrian you come up behind. All of those sounds can be whatever you’d like, and can be downloaded through the corresponding app.

The navigation through the app will choose the safest route rather than the fastest as staying alive is usually more important than getting to your destination quicker. The Shoka Bell also will give you indicator arrows for directions on your phone, as well as warning you of busy intersections. The front light uses 8 LEDs, adjusts to ambient light, and can put out a crazy bright stream of illumination. It stays on your bike through a magnetic handlebar mount, which will let you easily take it off and carry it with you. This is a $99+ purchase with even more goodies than what’s listed above, and is certainly worth looking into if you’re a bicyclist.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter