Shoes with GPS locator


GTX Corporation will be unveiling its new line of Xplorer Smart GPS footwear at the beginning of next month in Las Vegas. The Xplorer aims to usher in the next generation of GPS smart shoes by incorporating smaller and yet more powerful GPS chipsets inside the shoe itself to provide a more accurate reading. What are some of the more practical ways in which the Xplorer shoes could be used? Take children for example – they tend to wander around large shopping malls, often leaving parents distressed when their kids go missing. How about a day out at the park? Sometimes children get carried away playing hide-and-seek, that adults are more often than not the exasperated party trying to locate them young ‘uns. This GPS tracker will help you keep your children safe.

The Xplorer shoes work in tandem with GTX Corp’s user portal on the Internet, enabling users to monitor the exact location of the footwear. Owners can also set the Dual Geofencing feature which sends alerts via SMS once the subject wearing the shoes has ventured beyond the set boundary. Of course, having a GPS chipset in any device, let alone a shoe, requires some form of energy to keep it going. This is the very reason why GTX Corporation has developed a proprietary power source which can last up to days at a time before requiring a recharge.

The Xplorer is also capable of sending information regarding the performance and status of the device, ensuring you recharge the shoes when the need arises. There is no word on when the Xplorer shoes will be available for consumers, but if these came with a really funky design, it might even be well received by kids and teens who do not know any better that they are being tracked (although I wouldn’t hedge my money against that scenario).

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