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The Shoe Butler will freshen your feet

Shoe Butler

If you have a pair of leather shoes you love, then you know that you need to be on top of taking care of them. They need to be shined and aired out after extended use if you want to keep them looking nice. Of course, your feet are going to leave behind quite the stench, and sometimes just letting them breathe isn’t enough.

If you want to make sure that you’re not sticking your foot into a moist smelly shoe, then the Shoe Butler can help you. This is a combination of stainless steel and Canadian Western red cedar that can absorb the sweat and smell lingering in your shoes. On top of that, it can also leave behind a pleasant cedar scent. This will last forever, but should be sanding down once a year to really maintain its ability to absorb.

While this only costs around $25, you’ll want to double that and get a pair unless you want to try and remember to switch out shoes halfway through the night. This is meant to be placed in your leather shoes stainless steel side down for the best result. It’s a great idea that comes in a neat package, but there is quite likely a DIY version of this you could do that would cost far less and have the same effect. Of course, it is far more convenient to get this instead.

Available for purchase on Unikia