Shocolate Vault Jar

Shocking JarThere seems to be an abundance of pain around for geeks at the moment, we’ve had the geek fight club, shocking wrestling, shocking memory game and even a painful pass the parcel. The latest gadget is meant to help people control their cravings and if you hadn’t guessed yet, it does this via electric shock treatment.

The Shocolate Vault Jar is a goody jar with a twist. You load it with goodies, set the timer and if you try to get in before the time is up you get an electric shock, nice!

Other than the novelty aspect the Shocolate Vault Jar does provide motivation to people with little to no will power. If they made a version for the fridge door it I might be able to 5make a 4 pack last a full 90 minute match (then again my beer affection is probably stronger than shock avoidance).

The Shocolate Vault Jar is available from Gobaz for people free of heart problems and epilepsy.