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Shockwave 8″ Transformers Vinyl Figure oozes with cuteness

shockwave-vinylWhen it comes to intellectual property like the Transformers series, it is nigh impossible to run out of ideas to make a brand new story arc, or perhaps to come up with a new comic book plot. Having said that, some Transformers like Soundwave failed to make the cut in the Transformers movie a fair number of years back, but this does not mean that such Transformers are any lesser than those featured on the silver screen. Enter the $54.99 Shockwave 8″ Transformers Vinyl Figure.

As its name suggests, this is a stylized Shockwave that has been made out of vinyl, and boy does it look cute like all get out. It will come with a translucent hand and energy blaster, and will boast of 8 points of articulation (shoulders, hands, head, waist, and legs) so that you will have a great time posing him in a variety of stances, presumably to keep away unwanted people from your desk at work. Being a new breed known as Action Vinyls, this can be said to be the perfect combination of art and action figure. Best of all is, it will boast of interchangeable parts with other Action Vinyl figures, and is an officially-licensed Transformers collectible.

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