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The ShockStop will smooth out your ride


If you’ve ever ridden a bike before, then you know exactly how much of the road you feel. Bicycles are not flexible orĀ designed to work with your body, so any little bumps you hit are going to travel up to your hands and arms, jolting your entire body. If you’re trying to rough it in an unpaved area, then the transmission of all the jouncing aboutĀ makes it harder to focus on the fun, and forces you to concentrate on how much longer you have to be bumping along.

If you wish your ride could be a bit more comfortable, then this ShockStop stem could aid you in your quest. This will isolate your upper body from having to feel every crack and pebble you run over. This is said to make your ride more comfortable, let you ride faster, have more energy, and give you more control over the road. The ShockStop was made with road and hybrid bikes in mind, and comes in a variety of lengths and angles with adjustable stiffness so you can have things just as you like them.

This stem is going to keep your wrists in the relatively same position throughout your ride, which means the rest of your body won’t feel the impact. They did some testing to say that the impact forces are reduced by 70%, and road buzz is all but eliminated. This should work with any type of bike, needs no maintenance, and should be easy to install within a few minutes. One of these stems will cost you $109 should you want to make afternoon bike rides or morning commutes a bit less rough.

Available for pre-order on redshiftsports