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SHIVR reveals new noise cancelling 3D wireless headphones

shivrNot all wireless headphones are created equal — some are more unique than the others, bringing with it a slew of features that you will not be able to find anywhere else. SHIVR, a leading brand of high fidelity personal audio devices, has recently announced the launch of its very own SHIVR noise cancelling 3D wireless headphones for those who would want to enjoy a whole new immersive experience when it comes to audio, home theatre, and gaming.

 Industry trends have moved in the direction where 3D immersive audio has ended up as the new standard for enjoying music, home theater and taking advantage of the latest audio effects in the gaming industry. With 3D audio, listeners will enter a world of its own, as separation between audio details is created while surround sound is enhanced, resulting in a feeling of space that allows the listener to feel as though he/she is ‘inside the music’.

The method which SHIVR used to deliver incredible sound to the listener is created through a clever combination of a world-leading hybrid digital ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) technology as well as its very own advanced algorithm. This combination will effectively enhance audio surround sound and sense of space, enabling the listener to accurately sense sound from different sources. The patented algorithm will be leveraged to achieve low latency aptX and high-fidelity sound quality, in addition to perfect integration of all levels of audio frequencies.

The presence of an advanced hybrid noise cancelling circuit will further eliminate distracting noises in the listener’s surroundings, ensuring that you enjoy a premium 3D listening experience. Popular surround sound modes are also supported, while the lightweight nature of it alongside an adjustable and ergonomic design provides a better fit for everyone. A customized built-in gyro sensor and advanced circuitry is also thrown into the mix, eliminating in-head-localization that normally results in dizziness when using 3D headphones for long periods of time.

With an on-board 600 mAh lithium-polymer battery, you get to enjoy more than 25 hours of listening and go-anywhere portability over the latest Bluetooth protocol.

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