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Shirtpocket Shortwave is ideal for traveling

shirtpocket-shortwaveIn this day and age, technology has more or less progressed to such an extent where it is possible to be able to bring along what used to be extremely bulky – right in the tight confines of our pockets, of course. Take a look at the computer – older generation computers with vacuum tubes literally required an entire room to house them, and now the smartphone that you hold in the palm of our hand which is no thicker than your wallet, carries processing power that is many times over that of its ancient forefathers. Having said that, radio technology, too, has evolved, and the $39.95 Shirtpocket Shortwave is a pretty good example.

For starters, the Shirtpocket Shortwave happens to be tiny enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and it tips the scales at a mere 7.5 ounces, making this the shortwave radio that is easily packed for travel. It will operate at 5.9 – 18 MHz, where it sports a couple of shortwave bands which are able to pick up stations from as far away as Swaziland, hence making it ideal for brushing up on the local situation before heading abroad or for staying current on the news at home while you are on your travels. Digital tuning as well as internal and external antennas aid reception, and station numbers will be clearly listed on the large LCD display for your eyes to see. The radio will also be on the receivinng end of AM and FM stations, and best of all is, it doubles up as an alarm clock. All of that, and it runs on a pair of AAA batteries.

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