The Shirt Shuttle MK3 gives you a backup shirt for a rainy day

The Shirt Shuttle MK3
There are days that start off seeming like they’re going to be the best one you’ve ever had, but take one bad turn that wants to throw you off balance. It has happened to all of us at least once, and is bound to happen again. You get up early enough to actually get in breakfast, don’t feel rushed in your morning routine, and make it to work with time to spare, but as soon as you take your first sip of coffee at work, it dribbles down your shirt.

The only logical choice is to bring a backup with you so that you don’t have to walk into a meeting with a stain. Of course, getting a clean shirt from your home to the office without getting it wrinkled or dirty is the difficult part. This is especially true if you have to use public transit or ride your bike into work. If you want to keep a second shirt with you without the fear that it will be crumpled or dirty by the time you need it, you might want to have something to keep it safe, such as the Shirt Shuttle MK3. This is a plastic case that is crush proof, water resistant, and has a patented folding board that will help prevent creases.

This only weighs 425 grams, so it’s not going to add much weight to your bag. It only comes in black, and will cost you $34.99. While most of us don’t really dread this sort of situation, this would be useful if you work in an environment where you always have to look like you should be on the news while having the best hair day in existence.

Available for purchase on TouchOfModern

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