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Shippon Self Watering Animals keeps your plants well watered

shippon-self-watering-animalsPlants, especially those potted leafy friends of yours at the office, tend to be quite an attraction as it spruces up your work area. Not only that, some say it will even ward off a certain level or degree of radiation from your monitor, as well as recycle the air in the immediate zone. Having said that, you would definitely want to do your part to make sure that your desk plant has enough water in order to survive. After all, you might get too soaked up in work that you would have forgotten all about your plants, so why not let the £9.99 Shippon Self Watering Animals do the job for you?

You will be able to choose from cat, dog and monkey designs, where these chirpy ceramic animals will be accompanied by long fabric tails which soak up water, as they perch on the edge of any glass or mug. Basically, it comes with just about everything that one requires in order to begin growing one’s very own miniature plant. The Shippon Self Watering Animals is ideal for brightening up office desks and window sills. The cat option would result in some Wild Strawberry grown, while dog would offer up a dash of Clover, with monkey delivering Basil.