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Shiny Whistle Hides Flash Drive

If you know of a soccer coach that has a serious love for the shiny items in life, then this is one drive they’ll probably enjoy.  It’s not exactly something for someone that prefers things to be a little more subtle, but sometimes you need a device that stands out in the crowd.  This particular batch of shiny hides a tidy little flash drive within it for all of your much needed files.

The Jewel Whistle is described as elegant by the seller, but I wouldn’t exactly go that far.  It is at least an eccentric USB drive that’ll double as a necklace.  It holds 4GB worth of data on the drive.  To get to it the whistle just pulls apart.  The cap stays on the chain while the rest pops free.  You can purchase one of them for $25 through Gadget4all.

Source: GeekAlerts