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This Shiatsu Foot Massager knows you’ve had a long day at work

Shiatsu Massager

One long day of work can be enough to make you feel like you’re going crazy. Coming home is a relief, but instead of just plopping in front of the TV and zoning out for a few hours, it might benefit you to set aside time for some self care. This can come in the form of a bath, sipping hot tea, or going on a walk, but if you don’t give yourself a break, the aches and pains you wave away at the end of the day could turn into real health problems.

If you’re standing all day when working, then you need to make sure you take extra precautions when it comes to caring for your feet and the circulation in your legs. While you could bust out some lotion and get to massaging them yourself, it’s nice to use devices like this HappyBody Shiatsu Foot Massager to do all the hard work for you. This will take care of both the top and bottoms of your feet through kneading, air pressure, and vibration massage.

This has low, medium and high intensity settings with 2 different modes so you can work your way up to the big guns or stay with a more gentle massage. This will plug into any standard outlet, and has a 15 minute timer so you don’t fall asleep and end up bruising your feet with too much of a good thing. While it will cost a pretty penny at around $147, it should fit any size foot, and even has a heating function to add a little extra “ahh” to your massage.

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