Shelter Cart: Live like a luxorious rag picker

Hobos might pretend they don’t mind their cardboard homes, but we’re smarter than that. We can see right through their booze-ridden glazed eyes and garbage can stench. Of course, they would much prefer an alternative to cardboard. Perhaps a material better insulated from the elements of nature.

Buried deep in the hobo culture is a sub-branch of homeless life. This hobo demographic is known as the rag pickers. They run around cities, gathering any recyclable material they can muster and turn them in for pocket change. These hobo’s are actually providing a service. They are inadvertently producing a green environment. Wouldn’t it make sense to aid them in any way we could? Aside from buying them a home, of course. The Shelter Cart does the trick, doubling as shelter and a gathering cart for recyclables.

Composed of a collapsible design, the Shelter Cart ensures that everybody wins. While the rag pickers are provided with a much better shelter than they might be used too, they now have an excellent cart to stock up on any recyclable material they might come across on the streets. Meaning a greener experience for everybody.

The creators of the Shelter Cart aren’t pretending that they can fix the problems that plague the homeless. All they are doing is providing a way for everyone to better coexist within our communities. Keeping everybody relatively healthy and at least moderately happier.