The ShelfPack – Travel smarter, not harder


When you start traveling out of state more than once or twice a month, you begin to notice little things with packing and driving or flying that you can change to make your life easier. Things like rolling up your clothes so you can pack more, making sure you have extra clothes in your carry-on in case your bags are lost, always having a snack handy, and the fact that chewing gum is your best friend when flying. If you hop from hotel to hotel though, there’s a decent chance you are tired of packing and unpacking a suitcase.

While we’ve seen some packing solutions like the Travelon that can be hung up in your closet, why not just bring your own shelves? The ShelfPack is a suitcase that is loaded with shelves that drop into the base or retract to a stable structure when you need them. You won’t need to unpack anything as they will already be neatly folded on one of the four shelves which will be up to 42” tall when fully extended. If you put it on a luggage tray it will be high up enough that you won’t have to bend to reach anything.

The lid of the suitcase has three pockets, and when unzipped they sit along the left support of the shelving.  Unlike other options out there, it only has two wheels that move in one direction. This is not a cheap suitcase with a price point at around $350, and will start shipping in late April of this year.

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